Brielle. 19. Florida/Long Island, NY

Sometimes I take an okay selfie and it becomes the picture that I use for every social network for the next 12 yrs
RIP longboard. i miss you very much.
so tonight im getting inducted into the national honor society and I don’t have shoes to wear sooooooooooooooooo
im going barefoot.
Ive been high every night this weeek. 
so high so i cover my eyes so my mom doesn’t realize….i’ll let you know what I say the reason for my sunglasses inside is. 
I actually feel pretty tonight.
Im going out with angie…bye. 
lesbian taking pictures in the trojan tent? 

Look how cute my baby was as a baby!

i was precious 
im taking my senior pictures today so i had to get all classy ;) 
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