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Sometimes I take an okay selfie and it becomes the picture that I use for every social network for the next 12 yrs
Sometimes I take an okay selfie and it becomes the picture that I use for every social network for the next 12 yrs

Reppin’ where I came from
RIP longboard. i miss you very much.

315 notes - 3 July, 2014

Although a day late, happy 2 year anniversary, beautiful girl. The first day I met you changed my life and every day since, I’ve followed my heart as the time we spent loving with distance in between turned into waiting for each flight to see you, or each car ride to pick you up from the airport. 1 year of constantly missing you for months turned into never going a day without you. Waiting for our classes to be over is the extent of all the waiting I have to do now, waiting for you to brush your teeth and get in bed too… But I can’t imagine a day without my best friend, A night without my legs pushed up against yours, or morning without toasted bagels in bed. You’re a little smile after a day of frowning, i wont forget when you picked me the fuck up from a dark hole and gave me the best 2, 3, 4, 5….10 years of my life. Through it all, I love you and every single little thing that you do, baby im amazed by you. I’ll be yours for the rest of your life, don’t you forget.

When I was in Florida at your apartment last weekend, in your room, with you sitting on your bed eating my favorite candy. You asked me to guess which candy heart color was your favorite and before I could think about it for 1 millisecond, you told me, WHITE. You think they taste better and I actually do agree with you but that’s besides the point. A few times over the weekend, we’d be eating the candy hearts silently and we’d show each other the message and then complete that action or saying. “kiss me” hearts gave me the sweetest kisses. 
 Now that im back home, sitting in my room trying to remember all of the memories we made in just the few days we had together, I realized I had 3 more boxes of these hearts. These are all of the white ones in the 3 boxes. You are mine, all mine. There were 16 hearts. Here’s to another 8 months baby. 

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